Museum of Old and New Art, Tasmania

MONA was one of my main reas­ons for visit­ing Tasmania. It’s basic­ally in an under­ground bunker like a Bond villain’s lair, and requires a boat ride to get to. The owner David Walsh, is the richest man in Tasmania and a very strange char­ac­ter in his own right- he grew up in a rough area of Hobart, and made his fortune by using maths to outsmart the gambling industry, and then spent it on this museum. He’s simul­tan­eously “math­em­at­ic­al geni­us” and “13 year old edgelord”.

Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart is the capit­al of Tasmania, and one of the oldest cities in Australia- lots of old build­ings. Even by Australi­an stand­ards it has a really grim history of geno­cide and massacres against the origin­al local people, with lots of explan­at­ory plaques and signs around as memori­als.

Sandy Bay and Battery Point, Tasmania

Here’s Australia contin­ued- my trip to Tasmania and the pretty seaside town of Sandy Bay, homet­own of Errol Flyn. If you have any idea from the cartoon that Tasmania is a hot desert place, it’s not think. Think more New Zeal­and.