Fanzine Ynfytyn 23.5

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I have two new zines avail­able this month. This is a mini zine I made for the 24 hour zine project, which runs every July. You have to write and layout 24 pages with­in 24 hours. No pre-prepar­a­tion is allowed. It’s a fun chal­lenge. Avail­able from my shop for £1 (includ­ing UK post­age).

24 page 1/​6 sized mini perz­ine on yellow paper

  • Patch­work quilts
  • Tidy­ing up
  • Modu­lar Synths
  • Rescuing Bumble­bees
  • Winning £4 on the lottery
  • Not letting myself watch Stranger Things until I’ve done my work
  • Getting frus­trated with the inner work­ings of the Labour Party

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