I’ve been out of action for the last ten days after a stage light fell from a shelf onto my head and I was left with concussion and back injuries. I went through an interesting few days where I was severely dyslexic, couldn’t operate  a pen, stand on one leg or count coins, but luckily my brain has recovered. My back and spine still have other ideas, but are slowly getting better.

Most of my time has been spent either at medical appointments or lying down reading bad murder mysteries. Last night I was supposed to go to London to see Bikini Kill and meet up with a lot of far flung friends I don’t get to see in person often enough. It didn’t happen because I wasn’t well enough which was incredibly disappointing (especially as I had used my birthday money to buy the ticket).

My yoga teacher often talks about listening if your joints or muscles “speak to you” so you don’t injure yourself. My hip joints and spine are more yelling random abuse at me at the moment, but it’s thankfully getting less by the day. Which is good as I have to go to Germany at the weekend to take up my usual summer calling of directing school plays.

Enjoy this dramatic video of driving through tumbleweed. It’s one of my favourites.

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