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I’ve been out of action for the last ten days after a stage light fell from a shelf onto my head and I was left with concus­sion and back injur­ies. I went through an inter­est­ing few days where I was severely dyslex­ic, couldn’t oper­ate  a pen, stand on one leg or count coins, but luck­ily my brain has recovered. My back and spine still have other ideas, but are slowly getting better.

Most of my time has been spent either at medic­al appoint­ments or lying down read­ing bad murder myster­ies. Last night I was supposed to go to London to see Bikini Kill and meet up with a lot of far flung friends I don’t get to see in person often enough. It didn’t happen because I wasn’t well enough which was incred­ibly disap­point­ing (espe­cially as I had used my birth­day money to buy the tick­et).

My yoga teach­er often talks about listen­ing if your joints or muscles “speak to you” so you don’t injure your­self. My hip joints and spine are more yelling random abuse at me at the moment, but it’s thank­fully getting less by the day. Which is good as I have to go to Germany at the week­end to take up my usual summer call­ing of direct­ing school plays.

Enjoy this dramat­ic video of driv­ing through tumble­weed. It’s one of my favour­ites.

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