Weyer an der Enns I

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I was working in Weyer an der Enns, a small town on the edge of the Kalkalpen National park in the centre of Austria. We somehow lucked out with an incredible holiday house that my work had booked at a discount rate due to it being out of season, and we had the rare treats of a kitchen and places to sit that weren’t the bed, and nice furnishings rather than institutional hotel ones.

My room had a balcony into the conservatory.

The school also had very nice facilities, and we did some games and video making activities with the kids outside when the weather was good.

Now that’s a view from the sports field. Of course the kids are like “what view”?

This is the “castle”. You can’t go inside. Someone lives there.

There are some nice shops and cafes on the small high street, and a charity shop that was never open.

And a health food shop that sells these. I bought the druid and witch teas, and some cooking seasonings from the same brand.

Eventually this becomes part of the mighty Danube.

A small mountain town in Austria is not where you expect to find a sign with a quote from Ed Miliband. (Eric Hobsbawm had a local connection). The text says “he brought history down from the ivory tower, and into the lives of ordinary people”.

I had to leave very early in the morning on my final day, and sadly missed seeing a lot of spectacular mountain scenery on my way out as it was too dark.

At least Austrian trains provide some scenery in the toilet.

Even if you have to pay to use the ones in the station, and I always forget to redeem the money off voucher you get in return.

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