Wien­er Blut 2021

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Octo­ber 2021 was the first time I returned to Vienna in 18 months as well. I was born and grew up in the UK, but have spent a chunk of every year in Austria and the surround­ing coun­tries since 2008, and worked for a schools programme in that region since 2010, so my loyal­ties are very much split at this point in my life. It was extremely weird to not leave the UK, not even leave my county for 18 months.

I was only in Vienna overnight to travel on to the Kalkal­pen region, but it was nice to be back in famil­i­ar surround­ings, and try to scrape my German back out of the recesses of my brain.

I stayed in the student accom­mod­a­tion- it was €20 per night as the students weren’t due to return until the follow­ing week. The bed was seem­ingly made of iron and rocks and I defin­itely paid in other ways for the money I saved.

I wish there were more trams in the UK. (And that a year’s travel card in London was €365 like it is in Vienna)

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