You Got Me Cough­ing Up My Cook­ie Heart (ok, cake)

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These are some silly collages I made 9-10 years ago for my friend Katie’s zine. She found them recently and scanned all the bits. It’s a real gour­met recipe.

Here’s a real cake recipe, because someone asked me the other day how I make icing. (Every­one seems to like my icing). I put it in the typic­al grrls zine last time, and a back issue of my own zine but I might as well put it here too.

180g self-rais­ing flour
180g organ­ic unre­fined sugar
(the flavour is better)
180g baking margar­ine
3 free range eggs
good slosh of vanilla
(buy the real one, not arti­fi­cial, it’s so much better)
pinch of salt

lots of icing sugar
150g cook­ing margar­ine
teaspoon of milk or soya milk
vanilla essence

Preheat the oven to 180.c
1) Mix the sugar, margar­ine and vanilla togeth­er until they’re a nice fluffy cream. An elec­tric mixer is very useful for this.
2)Add the eggs and mix to a smooth cream
3) Sift the flour in and mix until the cake mix is a light fluffy paste, rais­ing and lower­ing the whisks to add air to the mixture. You should only mix it for about 2 minutes max, over­mixed cakes go claggy. If your mix is too thick, add a teaspoon­ful or two of milk or soya milk to dilute it.
4) Spoon the mix into cake cases and bake until golden and a skew­er inser­ted into the centre of a cake comes out clean.
5) Leave to cool on a wire rack.
6) When cakes are cool, put the margar­ine into a bowl, and mix in the vanilla.
7) Add icing sugar two table­spoons at a time until the icing can’t phys­ic­ally absorb any more icing sugar. The icing mix will be a little too stiff for spread­ing.
8) Add a spoon­ful of milk or soya milk and mix to a smooth but thick consist­ency.
9) Spread icing on the cakes and leave to set.

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