Two new zines

I had two never-before-seen zines to bring with me to the Shef­field Zine Fest (photos of the fest­iv­al coming later in the week). Issue 22 was new, where­as issue 14 has a bit of a history. I made no. 14 a few years ago, mislaid the pages, found them again last year and finished some bits off, made a few copies, mislaid them again moving house and then found them again recently. Now they’re safe in a folder with all my other master copies, scanned to a pdf, and avail­able to print whenev­er I want.

Storm­ing an onion

Some­thing from my sketch­book- the text in the picture says it all really. (If you can’t read it/​my hand­writ­ing, it says: “Recently I was read­ing an article which described getting through psycho­lo­gic­al defenses as storm­ing a castle or like peel­ing an onion. Here is how you storm an onion”). I debated adding some kind of siege engine, but  didn’t have space really.

How I Make my Zines

This is how I person­ally make my zines. There’s no right or wrong way (aside from doing things like acci­dent­ally making it unread­able once photo­copied or forget­ting about your margins and cutting off half the text). If you want a more in-depth guide to all things zine-related, I can recom­mend Stolen Sharpie Revolu­tion. You can see all the back issues of my zines on my website.