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Here’s some more photos from Germany. From Harth in Nordrhein-Westfalen to be more precise. It’s a small village in the Sauerland, a scenic forest region about a hundred miles east of Cologne, popular for hiking and cycling. I was there for a week to teach a holiday course in a school in the local small town of Büren. It was a pretty good week- nice weather, good kids, and cheap food and drink in the inn we were staying in. The only real fly in the ointment was when one of the parents tried to put me down on the insurance when his child broke her phone. Casual insurance fraud (and insurance policies/claims for everything) is a national sport in Germany though.

Not much happens in Harth, but I don’t think anyone minds

What’s this?

Oh look, a ruined castle

With a picnic area on the ramparts

And a great view into the forest from the lookout spot

There’s a lot of forest here.

The local train station is long gone, instead you have to go on a long bus ride to Paderborn.

Plenty of timber around though.


And good training for your legs.

I wouldn’t fall down there if I were you.

Also a lot of stinging nettles around. Servas Herr Brennnessel.

The bees and beetles are well accommodated.

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