Das Geht Sich Gut Aus

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I’ve been in Vienna and now a tiny village on the Austro-Hungari­an border for the last few weeks. Here’s what I’ve been listen­ing to.

Austria is a little lack­ing in bands, but there are still two Austri­an artists on the list: Chris­ti­an Fennesz and Tentacula. Fennesz comes from the nearest big town to the village in the Austri­an equi­val­ent of Kansas where I currently am. He is almost their only famous person round here I think.

There’s a certain Cold War vibe for some songs too: Vienna and Burgen­land were also right on the edge of the Iron Curtain. Vienna was full of spies, and the border here was heav­ily forti­fied. There’s an aban­doned Check­point Charlie type place near the village. Now the border is completely open, and you can pop over to Hungary for the after­noon. (Thanks Schen­gen Treaty).

I wanted to add some Hungari­an music to the mix, seeing as I’ve been there a fair bit recently, but Spoti­fy didn’t have most of the stuff I wanted. I guess I comprom­ised by adding some Leonard Cohen, who I listened to heav­ily in my Budapest days in 2008.

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