Fanzine Ynfytyn 27- Solitude Stand­ing digit­al version

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In 2016 I left London to house sit in the small town where my grand­par­ents had lived. After a sequence of unfor­tu­nate events involving elec­tri­cians and train strikes I ended up spend­ing the whole summer pretty much alone in a town full of old people, where I knew no-one and there was very little to do, and I had very little in-person contact with other people. A situ­ation a lot of other people can relate to at the moment I think.

I got around to writ­ing a zine about it last year, but I’m having print­er troubles, and post outside the UK is severely delayed anyway at the moment. So I’ve made a digit­al edition for people to read.

If you enjoyed the zine and would other­wise have bought it, you can stick some change in here via Payp­al.

You can also see the strange cabbage beach in the village where Robert Smith lives here.

The Nanaimo Bars recipe can be found here.


  • An unfor­tu­nate series of events leads to me being stran­ded in Bognor
  • Old people, so many old people
  • Never-ending train strikes
  • Some thoughts about solitude and being noticed and observed
  • Excel­lent char­ity shops
  • Robert Smith of the Cure’s house
  • I try to volun­teer with the local Labour Party, but every­one seems to think I’m a teen­ager on work exper­i­ence. I was in my early 30s.

The zine is for person­al read­ing only. Commer­cial use is not allowed.

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