Fanzine Ynfytyn 27- Solitude Standing digital version

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In 2016 I left London to house sit in the small town where my grandparents had lived. After a sequence of unfortunate events involving electricians and train strikes I ended up spending the whole summer pretty much alone in a town full of old people, where I knew no-one and there was very little to do, and I had very little in-person contact with other people. A situation a lot of other people can relate to at the moment I think.

I got around to writing a zine about it last year, but I’m having printer troubles, and post outside the UK is severely delayed anyway at the moment. So I’ve made a digital edition for people to read.

If you enjoyed the zine and would otherwise have bought it, you can stick some change in here via Paypal.

You can also see the strange cabbage beach in the village where Robert Smith lives here.

The Nanaimo Bars recipe can be found here.


  • An unfortunate series of events leads to me being stranded in Bognor
  • Old people, so many old people
  • Never-ending train strikes
  • Some thoughts about solitude and being noticed and observed
  • Excellent charity shops
  • Robert Smith of the Cure’s house
  • I try to volunteer with the local Labour Party, but everyone seems to think I’m a teenager on work experience. I was in my early 30s.

The zine is for personal reading only. Commercial use is not allowed.

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