Domest­ic Abuse Support All-dayer fundrais­ing gig

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I recently went to a local gig put on by Art’s Cool rais­ing money for the local domest­ic abuse support char­ity. It was an all-dayer, with half the lineup being local Kent bands, and the other half being from Leeds. The next day they did it all again, but in Leeds, and rais­ing money for an educa­tion char­ity there. I missed the first band, but they were kind of a super­group made up of members from the differ­ent Leeds bands. The promoter also hand­ily made this Spoti­fy playl­ist of all the bands.


The light­ing was a bit diffi­cult, being mostly magenta and strongly focused on one side of the stage. How easy it was to photo­graph the band members depended strongly on how much they moved and where they happened to be stand­ing, and varied dramat­ic­ally from act to act. When I take gig photos I like to try to have at least one photo of each band member (which can be hard with drum­mers posi­tioned far back), and as flat­ter­ing as possible, espe­cially when it’s smal­ler bands who may not have many nice live photos of them­selves. So I took, and deleted a lot of photos (and didn’t get as many usable photos of some of the bands such as Chest Pains as I would have liked). Here they are, in order of running on the day. There are links to each band’s face­book fan page in each title.

Lil Yee Boys– Kent

Tree­boy & Arc– Leeds

Inev­it­able Daydream– Kent

Chest Pains– Leeds

Itchy Teeth– Kent

Mush– Leeds

Gang– Kent

They had more members than usual, as Eric the sing­er had recently broken his hand and couldn’t play guitar, so Jack from Inev­it­able Daydream filled in.


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