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Last week I went down to Pegwell Bay in between Rams­gate and Sand­wich to take some press shots for my friends Carli and Clair- aka the Lunatrak­t­ors. They describe their work as “broken folk” and combine folk, ambi­ent vocal over­tone work and choreo­graphy into it (Carli is also a choreo­graph­er and clown by profes­sion). We wanted to combine the folk horror, commedia dell’arte and dance aspects into the shots, so they ended up wading through corn­fields and washed up algae wear­ing a sort of flamenco funer­al clown dress code. The rest of the photos are under wraps until the things they’re inten­ded to promote are released.

Pegwell Bay is a strange place- strongly theor­ised to be the spot where Juli­us Caesar landed, and now a nature reserve with the ruins of a hover­craft port over­lay­ing it. I have some land­scape shots of it which I will post anoth­er time.

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