Storm­ing an onion

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onionSome­thing from my sketch­book- the text in the picture says it all really. (If you can’t read it/​my hand­writ­ing, it says: “Recently I was read­ing an article which described getting through psycho­lo­gic­al defenses as storm­ing a castle or like peel­ing an onion. Here is how you storm an onion”). I debated adding some kind of siege engine, but  didn’t have space really.

If you google “storm­ing an onion” you only get one thing- people discuss­ing how to under­stand an INFJ person­al­ity type on the Myers-Briggs system. That’s a pity, I wish there were more onion storm­ing about.

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  1. The onion­ites defend them­selves by pour­ing scald­ing butter from the ramparts. They couldn't get hold of lead. To make it nasti­er, they use the popcorn “butter” from cinemas, not the real stuff.

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