St Ives 2008

Here’s some photos of St Ives from 2008. They were on the same roll of x-pro’d Sensia as the Lille photos. I think it was the last of my freezer­full of expired slide film I got when I worked at Jessops as a student.

Lille 2008

Here’s some photos I took in Lille in 2008 on a day trip. I only just got them developed.

Bath Mono­chromes

Here’s some b&w pictures I took in Bath a few winters ago. I finally got the film developed after find­ing it in a draw­er. Pentax ME Super + 28mm lens + Ilford HP5. I’ve been to Bath a lot, both as a Clas­sics student to look at stuff in the Baths, as a tour guide, and visit­ing my ex’s family, who were from a village not too far away. It’s stopped look­ing exot­ic to me.

Bird has flown

Here’s the rest of the pictures from where I took the panos at the River­side Coun­try Park. There’s a promon­tory which goes out to an island in the river, almost at the mouth where the Thames and Medway meet, with narrow beaches with reed­beds and aban­doned boats along the edge and woods and pools in the interi­or. I used to come here a lot. I partic­u­larly love it in the winter when there’s prac­tic­ally no-one there except me and some water birds.

The seas will reach and always seep

Today it was sunny and I had the day off, so I went to the River­side Coun­try Park. It’s where the Medway meets the Thames Estu­ary. It’s one of my places. I exper­i­mented with making some stitched panor­amic pictures. I also took some normal pictures. I’ll post them later. I’d love to have one of those turny Russi­an panor­amic film camer­as, but I’m too poor.

Get Out of the Office and Into the Spring­time

At last, some sunshine. Today me & Tukru went out for some coffee and draw­ing. It’s the London Zine Symposi­um on Sunday, and we have stuff to do. We didn’t actu­ally get much cafe time, because we forgot how early stuff closes round here. I’ve got some new stuff up my sleeve, but I don’t want to show it until it’s done.


The other day I was round my dad’s. It was a sunny day, and I didn’t fancy spend­ing the whole day cooped up indoors. I got my dad to give me a lift up to Kit’s Coty, a strange isol­ated place nearby, which has the remains of a Neolith­ic barrow there. The barrow isn’t very evid­ent these days, but the gate into the tomb is still there. There are more houses round there than I’d thought, all detached with big gates and long drives and beware of the dog signs, and on unpaved roads. It was totally quiet and a bit David Lynchish round there.

Mystery film- pleas­ant but bland

I’ve got a whole load of unscanned negat­ives here which I’m slowly work­ing my way through. There was a whole film of pictures of this place with a lake, but I have abso­lutely no idea where it is, or when I took the photos. I also have no idea what camera I used for these, but the film is Kodak Ekta­chrome 160 Tung­sten, cross-processed. The pictures are pleas­ant but bland, and I’ve got a real feel­ing this was a test roll to see if some­thing worked right/​was any good (char­ity shop camera? lens found in someone’s loft and given to me? who knows). Whatever it was seems to work fine.

Tint­a­gel- Mosk­va 5

My ex-boyfriend’s family used to go to Corn­wall every summer, and we used to join them, me usually lugging a whole load of photo stuff on the train down. These were taken at Tint­a­gel.

Museum of Child­hood

On Saturday morn­ing I did a zine work­shop for the Brighton Popu­lar Educa­tion Collect­ive who run a day of free classes and lectures on things like bike mech­an­ics, sewing and local history one day a month. It was the same work­shop I’ve done loads of times, and it always seems to go down well. This time I had both a lady in her 50s and a very enthu­si­ast­ic boy of about 7 there.

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Super Dick­manns

I saw these in the super­mar­ket in Vienna and burst out laugh­ing because I am essen­tially 12. I wanted to bring some back as a joke present, but the boxes are big, and it’d be pretty diffi­cult to bring a box back unsquashed. (It’s like giant tall tunnocks teacakes). The stick­er on the bottom right says “plump and chocol­atey!”

Friends in Vienna

This is Delal. She saw some pictures I’d posted on my tumblr ( tagged with Wien and sent me a message to see if I’d like to hang out, because it seemed we liked loads of the same things. She’s from Germany origin­ally, and is study­ing Journ­al­ism in Vienna and likes draw­ing and photo­graphy too.


After going to the Hunder­t­wasser places, I met up with the other teach­ers, and we went to the Nacht­markt. Basic­ally there were loads of food and drink stalls arranged on a square outside the town hall, and they were play­ing a clas­sic­al concert on a giant screen outside the town hall. The food wasn’t cheap, but it was very good (I only really had snacks and some beer though, seeing as the liason teach­er from the Vienna school had taken us out for a very good dinner at a Japan­ese restaur­ant at lunch). I partic­u­larly like the chan­deliers the stall in the first photo has. Pity it was selling melon flavoured drinks, I’m not a big fan of melon.


There was a b&w photo­booth round the corner from my hotel in Vienna that was €2 a pop. I took a strip most days to docu­ment what I’d been doing . I also had some with Delal, and some of me hold­ing up signs, but I’ve cut them up for zine use now, and I can’t find what I did with the photo of the whole strips.


Also I ate this deli­cious cake at the museum. It’s chocol­ate cake with a layer of cran­berry jam on top. It’s my new favour­ite. I don’t even like jam.

Leopold Museum

I was work­ing in Vienna a few weeks ago, and I haven’t got round to upload­ing photos and putting them here. There’s plenty to come. I went to as many art exhib­its as I could in the week I was work­ing in Vienna. I’ve never felt so spoilt by all the free entry in London. I think I spent about €40 over­all just on museum entries. It was worth it to see some things in the flesh though.

Hello aus Öster­reich

I’m in a small town in SE Austria called Ober­pul­lendorf right by the Hungari­an border. I’m here to teach some English work­shops with kids. I’ve got 1 week here, 1 week in Vienna, and one in a town near Verona, doing essen­tially the same thing, but in differ­ent schools with vari­ous age groups. Oberpullendorf’s got about 3,000 people, but there’s a pretty good selec­tion of shops, and cafes and restaur­ants here. Also 3 under­wear shops and a bong shop, which seems a bit odd for such a small town.


Here’s some pictures I took in Broad­stairs last summer, they were languish­ing on my hard-drive until this week­end.

Tea & Sympathy

Earli­er today me & Vicky planned to go to an Alice Tea Party that was advert­ised in a vintage clothes shop. We dressed up Alice style, her in a grey dress with a bow and white tights with black ballet shoes, and me with a chequred skirt, silver and black stripy jump­er, and silver ballet shoes. We got there and the “tea party” turned out to be a shop assist­ant on a small table with some styro­foam cups of tea. Very disap­point­ing


Fisheye photos from vari­ous occa­sions on the beach. With help from Madame T.

Pier Kaleido­scope

A couple of weeks ago I took my cheesy 70s kaleido­scope filter to the pier. I didn’t really get the shots I wanted, and I dropped my lens cap between the slats, but I managed to get a few ok shots.

Margate Shell Grotto

Earli­er in the summer I went to the Margate Shell Grotto with my mum. I thought it was a piece of victori­an tour­ist kitsch from memory, but it wasn’t like that at all.

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Bramber & Steyn­ing

Bramber’s a small village inland of Shore­ham, it’s got one street with a couple of pubs and houses, a ruined Norman castle, and an intact Norman church (ie they’re about 1000 years old)


On Saturday I went out with my dad to have lunch out and a wander. We went to Shore­ham, a small coastal town near Brighton, and Bramber, a village with a ruined castle. Here’s Shore­ham.

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Brighton Aquar­i­um

When Chris was down the other week we went to the aquar­i­um because I had a half price vouch­er. I love aquar­i­ums, and I’m going again on Monday even­ing for a work thing.

Hazy Sea

I went for a walk along the beach whilst wait­ing to meet up with my cous­in, who’s just moved to Brighton. There was a haze on the sea that day, and the pier looked like it was float­ing on noth­ing. I never get tired of photo­graph­ing the seafront.

A wander along the beach

One of my New Year’s Resol­u­tions was to trawl back through forgot­ten photos on my hard drive/​negatives folder and post-process them. This was one of the first untouched folders I found. Back in Septem­ber, I went for a walk along the beach along Hove Lawns, right up to Portslade. It was a beau­ti­ful day, and there was hardly anyone about, because it was the middle of the week, and the tour­ist season had pretty much finished.

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